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i am a guy from western America, trying to spread my art, make friends, and get feedback. i enjoy gaming greatly and enjoy making and listening to music. hope you like what i make!

24, Male

Utah, Salt Lake City

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so recently, i feel my music has gone into the realm of good enough, you may be wondering what i mean. i, from now on am going to try and sell my work and not just put it out there at random in places where people can possibly steal it. i will still post in all the usual places, but i need to be more cautious from here on. i am no longer going to post my songs on Soundcloud because i felt like it gave me lots of restrictions as to how often i post. i will now exclusively post on

bandcamp, youtube, and here. you may think posting here would be a possible problem because it is also fairly easy to steal from here. but there is no restrictions, i get more viewership more here than ever, and its the only place i genuinely feel good to share!

i would also like to take a moment to share my gratitude for one https://iiifoggysundayiii.newgrounds.com/ he really made me feel at home here and i love his work. if you have not checked it out i greatly recommend it!


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<p style="text-align: center">After about 5 years of not posting, i finally remembered that this website exists, currently i am migrating every song ive made from soundcloud to newgrounds, youtube, Ect. and am hoping that my tracks could possibly get more traction. i am announcing to just about anyone who is looking for a cool assortment of songs to come veiw, and if you like it, you can follow or share as well. i'll even do commisions for games, videos, and animations!</p>